The Symponia Circle of Trust

Symponia was launched in 2005; since then we have helped many hundreds of families, including our own navigate the care funding system, sell properties, draw up legal permissions, locate a suitable care home and fight for the right to claim State and NHS benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Continuing Healthcare.

This means that we have gained a valuable insight into exactly how you are feeling right now. We also fully appreciate that finding all the answers to the various and seemingly unlimited questions takes time, patience and resource.  

Over the years we have all learnt and grown. We wanted to continue on our quest to assist families at a difficult and sensitive time. We decided to put our unique heritage to good use and as such are pleased to present the Symponia Circle of Trust.

Our Members

All our financial advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as well as possessing the additional and required care fees planning and/or or later life qualifications.

Each solicitor is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and all listed care providers are governed by their respective regulatory bodies (this differs throughout the UK) in addition care homes will be actively working with their own dedicated Symponia member. Find a member near you right here:

Find your nearest member here

Why A Circle?

It seems people like circles. Circles are efficient. The simplicity of the circle; a set of points that are all the same distance from the centre has endlessly fascinated humans.

Circles are abundant. They can occur naturally in planets, stars, celestial bodies, tree rings or rain drops. Or they can be man-made, where would we be without traffic lights, roundabouts, buttons, volleyballs or even pizza?

The Symponia Circle revolves around trust, something really important to everyone at Symponia from its head office staff through to each and every member.

The circle brings together hand-selected professionals including care navigators, financial advisers, solicitors and the providers of care all operating to help you find all the answers to your questions.

If you want to join our Circle of Trust, please just send us an email